Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Hazards of Drug Abuse in Our Societies

Drug abuse has become the difference constant discussion found on the radio, television as well as in the daily newspapers recently. The menace of drug abuse throughout our country has reached a daunting proportion and possesses pervaded every sector in our society. Drugs, that are comprised of medical substance formulated by pharmacists for the cure of persons' ailments, is made wrongly and abused by people above the social strata. Lots of people just walk across provided nearby chemist as a result of their houses to purchase drugs which aren't prescribed for them by a pharmacist or a doctor, they abusing the drugs.

There are many dangers in drug abuse. In reality, many families have endangered the live from their parents, out of every self medication. Often there are cases of many young children who lost their lives simply because their parents, outside administered such drugs upon their children. Currently nowadays, it is common to view young children with one deformity and the other. This is so because many women who are pregnant abuse drugs easily. They simply buy drugs and utilizing them without doctors' prescription during pregnancy. The resultant effect in this ignorant act is that the majority babies are handed down one deformity or maybe the other.

Drug abuse also leads to the several psychiatric cases we have in terms of the country. Several youths take drugs comparable to heroine, cocaine, Indian hemp which affects their brain. They take these drugs ostensibly this is because are able in fashion they usually can daring and bold. Consequently, several constitute themselves into nuisance to the society and fall into psychiatric hospitals.

Our national prestige and honor are not spared no matter what the gruesome effect o the social malaise called drug abuse. Many people traveling abroad are subjected to derogatory search at the points of entry into other countries. This has destroyed our international image as many people are considered carries and couriers of these hard drugs.

Many crimes within the countries can be hyperlinked to drug abuse. The high rate of criminal activities that is a pointer to the probability built into drug abuse. Armed robbers and similar to operate under the rule of drugs which make them into be so daring and ruthless of their nefarious activities.

It is to make certain drug abuse has posed loads of dangers to our society and the federal government must do something about it. Our people need to be enlightened about the dangerous consequence of drug abuse. Mass enlightenment campaign ought to be organized by their government. As well as, the government also needs to is usually a law which forbids a chemist from selling drugs to the public without prescription paper from a doctor or maybe a pharmacist. Religious bodies also have a role to be part of educating the general public about the risks of abuse.

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